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Welcome to our home page!

Our enterprise is an American-Hungarian Ltd., one of our offices operates in Philadelphia state of the USA, the other one in Budapest. We have been operating for thirteen years, for the satisfaction of our domestic and foreign procurers.

Main Activities

Implementation of different foreign trade businesses, mainly with the United States, but we also dispose of a wide connection system in Europe and the Near East as well.

Production and distribution of different advertising bags.
In the first years we have been producing plastic advertising bags as partial owners, but during the time - mainly because of the change in the demands of our partners - we have turned to the paper advertising bags. We are proud of the wide variety of our exclusive string-grip advertising bags. For these are hand-made, we can also deliver them in small amount, and we can produce them in any size or irregular form according to the unique demands.

We also undertake the production of kraft advertising bags, in band grip and spun paper grip implementation as well.

Manufacturing, Facility Overview

Workforce: Our plants employ 260 people with altered work ability, to whom the workplace does not only mean a chance for earning money, but also regular sensible activity and human community. For it is also important to us to constantly be able to supply our employees with work, we gladly undertake any kind of manual assembly work (gluing, assembly, the packaging of advertising materials), and also other outwork tasks.

Press plants: are supplied with modern equipments, therefore we can supply our partners with business cards, leaflets, prospectus, advertising papers or any other press industrial and packaging technological products, even in 1,000 piece series.

You can navigate through the menus to know more about products. On our website we have not listed all our reference works. In case you are looking for special, unique gifts, please phone or email to us (Office menu), and we realise what you have imagined.

In hope of a successful cooperation we await your soonest reply.

Imre Elek